“I have been fined twice” – Pakistan off-spinner Sajid Khan on Shikhar Dhawan’s Gabbar celebration

Sajid Khan

Pakistan’s off spin bowler Sajid Khan has become quite famous recently due to his identical Gabbar celebration as Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan. But, do you know, the bowler has been fined twice for his such celebration.

Sajid Khan, the 28-year-old Pakistani off-spin bowler has gained lots of popularity most recently, after the bowlers identical celebration of Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s celebration.


Shikhar Dhawan has made this Gabbar celebration quite famous as the Dhawan used to repeat this celebration everytime he takes a catch. Sajid Khan has been doing the same whenever he takes a wicket.

But, how bowler himself revealed that he was fined twice for celebrating in such method. He was quoted by SaamaTV as saying that he was fined twice for the celebration.

He said that everyone has their own style and people think that he copies Shikhar. He added that he has been doing the celebration since his school days and brought to notice that he has fined twice for the celebration in such method in first-class cricket.


He said, “Just to bring this under your notice that I have been fined twice for this celebration in first-class cricket.” He then added that now everyone is appreciating the celebration.

Australia tour of Pakistan 2022

Sajid Khan has been included into the Pakistan cricket team’s squad for the upcoming historic Test series against Australia as the latter is visiting Pakistan for the first time in 24 years.

The series begins from the 4th of March with the first Test match in Rawalpindi. The series will consists of total of 3 Test matches and as many ODIs, and only T20I.

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