Watch: Pakistan batter Haider Ali hilariously gets stumped during T20 Blast match; Fans can’t stop laughing

Numerous videos continue to emerge from the cricket field, providing a great source of amusement. Even the players themselves cannot suppress their laughter during such moments on the field. Recently, a video from the England T20 Blast League surfaced, showcasing an English wicketkeeper cleverly dismissing the Pakistani batsman Haider Ali through a hilarious stumping.


This video of Haider Ali’s wicket has become a source of immense entertainment, leaving people in fits of laughter.

In fact, this video is from a match played on Wednesday between Warwickshire and Derbyshire. Haider Ali, the Pakistani batsman, was playing for Derbyshire and was performing well with the bat.


It was during Danny Briggs’ delivery that Haider Ali missed the ball, and at that moment, Warwickshire’s wicketkeeper, Alex Davies, executed a peculiar stumping to dismiss Haider Ali.

The video of Haider Ali’s dismissal has been shared on the official social media handles of Vitality Blast. In the video, it can be seen that Haider Ali stepped out to play spinner Danny Briggs’ delivery. However, he missed the ball, and initially, the ball slipped from Alex Davies’ hands. But he quickly recovered and attempted to stump Haider Ali by carrying the ball towards the stumps.

However, in the first attempt, he couldn’t get Haider Ali out. During this sequence, Haider Ali stumbled a bit and moved out of the crease. Without wasting the opportunity, Davies swiftly dislodged the bails to complete the stumping.


After the stumping, Alex Davies also glanced towards the leg umpire, while Haider Ali was surprised by his own dismissal. He waited for the umpire’s decision, and the field umpire eventually signaled him out. Haider Ali’s innings concluded at 48 runs off 33 deliveries. During his innings, he hit 4 boundaries and 2 sixes. Haider Ali’s team, Derbyshire, won the match by 6 wickets eventually.

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