Watch: Bowler pulls-off a huge prank during live game; pulls down umpire’s track pant

Bowler umpire

With the intensity of the game of bat and ball increasing has led to increase of pressure on the players to deliver day in and day out. In that, the players often jokes or pranks with their teammate in the dressing to keep everyone mentally fit.


But what if the prank jumps to the next level. Yes, that’s what we saw in a recent viral video on social media. In the video, a bowler is captured to pulling down the on-field umpire’s track pant during his run-up to bowl the ball.

This incident happened in a local club match in Lancashire. It was a match being played in Rishton Cricket Club in Lancashire League where the home team was facing East Lancashire Cricket Club.


In the video that is so viral on social media, a bowler is seen taking run-up to bowl the ball, however, he suddenly goes behind the umpire and pulls-off the most unthinkable. Check-out the video below.


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