Wasim Jaffer explains T20 World Cup 2021 Semi-Finals Qualification Scenario through a Meme

Wasim Jaffer T20 World Cup 2021 Qualification Scenario Meme

Former Indian cricketer Wasim Jaffer, who is nowadays very active in social media, and has become quite popular among the fans for his hilarious posts on his social media account. This time, he has tried to explain the qualification scenario for the T20 World Cup 2021.


The race to qualify for the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2021 is getting quite intense with as much as 5 teams from both groups, Australia, South Africa, India, Afghanistan, New Zealand, are still in with a chance to make it to the semi-finals, and this has made the qualification scenario very tough.

Wasim Jaffer, earlier today took to his official social media handle to share a meme explaining the qualification scenario. The right-hand batsman used a scene from Bollywood comedy movie ‘Dhamaal’.


In the meme, it is very easily explained that Australia need to be dependent on the England cricket team for them to qualify, while India needs to be dependent on Afghanistan to qualify.

Along with the meme, he added that India and Australia will obviously need to win their respective match, but will have to be dependent on Afghanistan and England respectively.


Group 1 Qualification Scenario

For Australia to qualify from Group 1, they need to beat West Indies, whom they are playing in the first match of the day, but then will also have to hope that England beats South Africa later today. In case Australia loses and South Africa wins, then England and South Africa will progress, or if both of them loses their respective match, then it will be down to the net run rate.

Group 2 Qualification Scenario

As for Group 2 qualification scenario, Pakistan have made it through, but out of New Zealand, Afghanistan and India, only one can join Pakistan. For Afghanistan to qualify, they need to beat New Zealand and hope that India also loses their match, if India beats Namibia, then India will qualify on the net run rate. However, if New Zealand beat Afghanistan, then all the confusions will end automatically as New Zealand will qualify even if India win against Namibia, since then New Zealand will have 8 points whereas India will have 6, so for India to qualify, they need New Zealand to lose.

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