Here are the 5 rules you need to know before watching West Indies’ ‘6ixty’ T10 League matches


The revolution and the experiment of cricket continues and the latest to join the fray the West Indies cricket board, who have introduced a quite the out of the town T10 cricket league known as the ‘6ixty’, which begins from the 24th of August.


The early days of the game of bat and ball was about a 5 day Test match and one day match. But, in the 20s, things changed and a new format T20 cricket was introduced. Later, it was further shortened to make it a 10 overs a side game known as T10.

T10 is not played Internationally but it has caught the attention of a lot. The length of a match is very short, does it doesn’t consume a lot of time to sit and watch a T10 game. Abu Dhabi T10 League has become quite a famous league. And now, joining in the competition is West Indies’ newly introduced with out of the box rules ‘6ixty’.


Talking of rules, today in this article, with the league set to begin from 24th of August, we take a look at 5 rules from the 6ixty league that you need to be aware of.

1: 6 wickets per side instead of 10

While usually a cricket match is a 10 wickets game, 6ixty is moving away from the norm. The tournament is adapting a 6 wickets per side match instead of 10 wickets. Which means, only 7 batter will have the opportunity to bat in a match.

2: Bowling end change after 5 overs only

In a normal cricket match in any format, the bowling ends changes after every over. But the 6ixty league, bowlers will have to bowl from the same end for a consecutive of 5 overs. And after 5 overs only that a team will be able to change the bowling end.


3: 8 outfield players if inning not completed in time

To further restrict and make the game a short and sweet, Cricket West Indies (CWI) are only allowing a total of 45 minutes for a inning to be completed. If a team fails to do so, then that fielding will team will have to have only 8 outfield fielders for the last over.

4: Unlock Extra Powerplay

In a normal ODI match, a powerplay is the first 10 overs and in T20 cricket, first 6 overs are powerplay over where only 2 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yards circle. But in the 6ixty league, the powerplay will be only 2 overs. However, a team can unlock a third powerplay, for which they have to hit 2 sixes in those 2 powerplay overs. If any fails to do so, they won’t get that extra powerplay over.

5: Fans decide Mystery Free Hit

And the fifth rules is about getting the fans involved in the game. In the 6ixty league, fans will have the voting rights to vote for a mystery free hit. Fans can vote through a website or a app. Normally a free hit is given if the bowler bowls no ball, however that norm will continue too.

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