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Twitter reacts to questionable third umpire call on Ross Taylor stumping by KS Bharat

KS Bharat

The first match of the ICC World Test Championship series between the Indian cricket team and the New Zealand cricket team ended in a draw. There were a lot of questionable umpiring decisions made during the first Test played at Kanpur’s Green Park. One of them happened during the second innings of the New Zealand cricket team. It involved wicket-keeper KS Bharat and veteran New Zealand batter Ross Taylor.


KS Bharat showed his smartness and tried to execute the stumping when Ross Taylor lost his balance during the second innings of the New Zealand cricket team. It was during the 56th over which was bowled by the Indian off-spin bowler Ravichandran Ashwin. On the last ball of the over, Taylor missed the flick, and the ball went to wicket-keeper KS Bharat, who kept the wickets instead of veteran wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha.

The on-field umpire asked for a review from the third umpire. The third umpire first checked the Ultra Edge and concluded that the ball had not touched the bat. After that they checked the stumping, where it could be seen that Bharat waited for Taylor to lose his balance a little, and he took the bails off when his back foot was in the air. But it seemed like the foot was a little grounded when the bails came off.


Twitter reacts to KS Bharat smart attempt to dismiss Ross Taylor

The evidence might not have been conclusive enough for the third umpire to rule Ross Taylor out. However, there were some good reactions to the cheeky stuff from wicket-keeper KS Bharat from behind the stumps. Here’s how Twitter reacted to this incident:

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