“I don’t think there is a competition” – Mohammad Amir claims he is still better than any current Pakistani bowlers

Mohammad Amir

Former Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Amir has claimed that even though he has retired from International cricket for Pakistan, he is still the best Pakistani bowler. He said that his skills doesn’t compare with the others and is best in his class.


Former Pakistan international pace bowler Mohammad Amir was considered one of the best in the world during his left. Pakistan is known for producing top-class pace bowlers and Amir is one of the dozens there are and were.

While Mohammad Amir has currently retired from International cricket now, Pakistan still some of the greatest pace bowlers with the likes of Shaheen Afridi, Hasan Ali and Naseem Ali.


Meanwhile, Cricket Pakistan website quoted Amir of saying that he is still the superior over the current Pakistan international bowlers. Amir stated that a comparison between him and other Pakistani bowlers shouldn’t even exist.

He said that there is no competition of himself with others. He said that he was the only bowler to remain at the top of the ICC Rankings for about half an year even after his retirement.

“I don’t think there is a competition of myself with anyone. I was the only bowler who was in the ICC rankings. Even when I was dropped after the World Cup, I was still in the rankings for a good year and a half,” he said.


He continued and added that the skill that he had doesn’t compare with others. He added that he has a different class compare to others and that he is the only one in his class.

“The skills that I have don’t compare to anyone along with my mindset. I don’t think there are any comparisons because everyone has a different class and I am the only one in my class,” he signed off.

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