“We consider no one as our competition” – IPL Chairman completely rubbishes talks about competition for IPL from various T20 leagues like PSL

The recently concluded 16th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) solidifies its position as the most renowned T20I league worldwide. With its ability to attract top players and coaches from around the globe, the IPL generates unparalleled revenue, surpassing all other cricket leagues.


While the emergence of various other T20 leagues may raise concerns about the IPL’s popularity, the Chairman of the IPL, Arun Singh Dhumal, remains unfazed by these new developments.

The IPL has fostered a unique and dedicated fan base across the subcontinent, thanks to its commitment to nurturing young talent. The league’s estimated brand value stands at an impressive $8.4 billion, instilling confidence in Dhumal regarding its imperviousness to competition from other T20 leagues.


Despite the existence of ongoing leagues like Pakistan Super League, Dhumal firmly believes that the IPL will maintain its dominance in franchise cricket. In an interview with Reuters, he expressed, “We consider no one as our competition, as there is no league that even comes close to the IPL.”

He further conveyed his well wishes to all the cricket boards embarking on their own T20 leagues, acknowledging their efforts. Nevertheless, he expressed his conviction that none of these leagues pose a threat to the IPL’s supremacy. Dhumal’s confidence stems from the exceptional viewership numbers witnessed during this year’s IPL.

Speaking about the popularity of the 2023 IPL season, he described it as a resounding success, largely attributed to the intense competitiveness of the tournament. He elaborated, “Most of the matches were nail-biting encounters, with many going down to the last over. We received an overwhelming response from fans, witnessing a manifold increase in viewership. Both our broadcast and digital partners are thrilled with the outcomes.”


The popularity of the IPL has remained consistently high since its inception in 2008. Dhumal emphasized that the league, known for its substantial financial resources, will continue to feature 10 teams.

However, the total number of matches may increase to 94, contingent upon the scheduling window allocated to the tournament by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The final decision on the number of matches will depend on the availability of suitable slots within the ICC’s calendar.

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