“Money is nice” – Mitchell Starc finally reveals why he doesn’t play in IPL and other T20 leagues

Mitchell Starc has so far made a surprising decision by opting out of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in order to focus on playing for the Australian cricket team. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its lucrative rewards and is considered a desirable opportunity for players worldwide.


The influence of T20 cricket on the contemporary cricketing landscape is significant, as it fuels the sport’s economy. Consequently, many cricketers often prioritize participation in the shortest format of the game at some stage in their careers, sometimes even foregoing national contracts. Numerous instances exemplify this trend.

Mitchell Starc has defied conventional wisdom with his decision to prioritize playing for Australia over participating in the IPL.


In an interview with cricket.com.au, Starc expressed his rationale for foregoing certain opportunities in order to prolong his career representing his country. While acknowledging the financial allure of the IPL, Starc emphasized his desire to achieve the milestone of playing 100 Test matches.

“To choose not to do certain things to prolong playing for Australia, I’ve tried to be smart about that,” Starc said.

“Yeah, the money’s nice, but I’d love to play 100 Test matches. Whether I get there or not, I don’t know, but that would be a nice one to tick off. Hopefully, there’s a little bit left in me,” said the Aussie left-arm pacer.


Starc, who previously played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL during the 2014 and 2015 seasons, is set to appear in his 78th Test match for Australia at The Oval in the World Test Championship final against India. With an impressive record of 306 Test wickets thus far, he aims to make further contributions to his team’s success.

Reflecting on his cricketing journey, Mitchell Starc acknowledged the challenges he has faced while playing all three formats of the game for over a decade. He expressed gratitude for having come this far despite enduring various hardships.

Starc recognized the importance of continuously evolving as a bowler, but he also acknowledged that as soon as his pace diminishes, there will be other talented individuals eager to take his place. He trusts his instincts and believes he will have a clear understanding of when the time is right for any decisions regarding his career.

With the backdrop of the Test championship final, Starc’s approach to the game stands out with its distinctive flair, deviating from the T20-focused crowd. His commitment to Test cricket demonstrates his unique perspective and dedication to the longer format of the game.

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