“It is certainly gonna happen” – BCCI President Sourav Ganguly says plans in-progress for full fledged Women’s IPL in 2023

Sourav Ganguly Women's IPL from 2023

Indian cricket team is one of the best team in the world cricket. India has some of the best players in the world playing for the country. Indian Cricket’s domestic is circuit is such that India has nothing worry about player production.


And one production chain in the world famous Indian Premier League (IPL), the T20 league is which is the richest and biggest T20 cricket league in the world.

But, at one hand where the Indian men’s team is world’s one of the best team, the other hand, the Indian women’s cricket team is not at the able that the men’s team is at.


And probably one big reason could very well be that there is no Women’s Indian Premier League or Women’s IPL being held for the women’s players.

However, the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has given a ray of hope to the Women’s cricketers and the fans that there is a plan to organise the Women’s IPL in 2023.

In an interview with the PTI, Sourav Ganguly said that the BCCI is at a level of formulation to have a full fledged Women’s IPL. He added, “It is certainly gonna happen, I have belief it will be next year itself in 2023 and it will be as big and grand as the success of the men’s IPL.”


Over the last couple of months, many a Indian women’s cricketers had asked the BCCI to organise a Women’s IPL, and only just Indian cricketers, but overseas women’s cricketers as well as cricket experts have also asked the BCCI to plan a Women’s IPL.

Since the year 2018, BCCI use to organise a 3 teams Women’s T20 Challenge tournament, which was initially a 2 team event and was expanded to three teams in 2019, but that ain’t a Women’s IPL.

As of the Indian women’s cricketers, they enjoyed a quite a successful time in the Australian women’s T20 league, the Women’s Big Bash League in 2021, where Indian players showcased their talent.

Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana and Jemimah Rodriguez were among the top run scorers in the tournament, while Kaur showcased her all-round prowess taking 15 wickets as well.

Certainly the Indian women’s cricket’s future is bright, but all it needs is the platform and the introduction of the Women’s IPL very well might be that.

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