Twitter user shares an interesting stat on how India’s plan work well against Pakistan prior to Asia Cup 2022

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2022

As India vs Pakistan match in the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 is coming closer, excitement rising among the cricket fans. Both the neighbours are part of some of the biggest and most exciting cricket matches over the last couple of decades.


The excitement for India vs Pakistan is at its very peak due to the interest in the match, but also because of lack of matches between the two teams. It is known to almost everyone that Team India and Pakistan team doesn’t play any competitive cricket matches now.

Team India and Pakistan cricket team use to play Bilateral series a decade back, however, with political tension rising between the countries meant that after the last in 2012, India and Pakistan have never played any Bilateral series anymore.


The only occasions that India and Pakistan play matches is in the multi-team events only. And with Asia Cup 2022 and T20 World Cup coming up, fans are set to get a good dose of cricketing action.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user by the name Mazher Arsad recently pointed out what could be India’s gameplan against Pakistan when they take field on the 28th of August. He pointed out that Team India has only 2 frontline pace bowlers in its Asia Cup squad, which means that they will more prefer spin bowling against Pakistan.

He pointed out that Pakistan batsman has a very poor record against spin bowler in particular. He added in his tweet that there is no Pakistan frontline batter with more than 130 strike rate against spin bowling, except for Shadab Khan. He also suggested that Pakistan may have missed a golden chance of including Azam Khan in the squad.


The India vs Pakistan cricket action will begin on the 28th of August at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai. This will be the first match between the two teams in the tournament, but could if both qualifies for the 2nd round, we could see a 2nd match between the team, and if both of them reaches the final, it could be 3 times as well. So, get ready for some action-pack cricket craze.

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