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“Only player who can stop anyone from doing anything other” – Twitter reacts to Diwali Shopping sales crashing down during Virat Kohli’s inning vs Pakistan

Virat Kohli

Any cricket fan or normal who witnessed Virat Kohli’s brilliant inning against Pakistan just 24 hours ago, truly knows the value of the inning. It is because of his brilliant 82 runs that India could beat Pakistan in that match.


And how big and influential Kohli’s inning was you can just understand by this fact that Diwali Shopping sale went down during Kohli’s inning and people were most interested in watching Kohli bat than their Diwali Shopping.

Diwali is a huge occasion in India and people are always quite busy shopping during the time. However, yesterday, the story was completely different.


A recent graph shows that when Kohli was batting in those tense, people didn’t care about shopping and got involved into the match. After that, Twitterati have been praising the influence that Kohli has to the country and its people.

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