Watch: Marnus Labuschagne was having a nap during Australia’s 2nd inning, gets woken up by Indian crowd noise after David Warner’s wickets

During the ICC World Test Championship Final against India on Thursday, an amusing incident unfolded when Marnus Labuschagne was caught having a nap during Australia’s second innings.


As the camera captured the moment, it became evident that Labuschagne was almost late to join his team on the field of play after Australia successfully dismissed India for 296 at The Oval.

In a rather unusual turn of events, the incident took place during the second over of Australia’s second innings. Marnus Labuschagne, fully dressed in his batting gear, made the decision to take a brief nap on the team’s balcony, presuming that he would have some time before his turn to bat arrived.


However, luck was not on Labuschagne’s side as the moment the cameraman focused on him, Mohammed Siraj managed to find the outside edge of David Warner’s bat, resulting in his dismissal for a mere score of 1 and a trip back to the pavilion.

Labuschagne was abruptly awakened from his slumber by the thunderous cheers emanating from the Indian crowd in the stadium. It took him a brief moment to comprehend what had occurred while he was having a nap.

Swiftly regaining his composure, Labuschagne sprang to his feet, collected himself, and hastened to the field to assume his batting position. The broadcasters seized this hilarious sequence of events, repeatedly broadcasting it to the amusement of everyone watching, inducing fits of laughter.


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