Aakash Chopra Gives A Fitting Reply To Pak Journo Who Tried To Troll Him

Aakash Chopra

India lost to New Zealand by eight wickets on Sunday. With the loss, the team is almost out of the ongoing T20 World Cup. Naturally, the Indian fans had to face trolling and criticism from fans and experts of other nations. In this article, we take a look at the recent online incident in which Aakash Chopra gives a fitting reply to a Pakistan journalist who tried to troll him.


India almost out of T20 WC

India was considered as one of the favourites to lift the trophy. However, with the heavy losses to Pakistan and New Zealand, the Indians now need a miracle to qualify to the semi-finals. In both encounters, India failed to impress in all three departments of the game. While the poor batting was the main reason for the losses, the lacklustre bowling also was disappointing. As things stand, a miracle is unlikely to happen and India is all but knocked out of the tournament.

Aakash Chopra gives a fitting reply to a Pakistani journalist

Aakash Chopra is someone who gives it straight back whenever anyone tries to troll or ridicule him. This time around, it was a Pakistan journalist who had to face the sarcastic reply by the former India cricketer.


Aakash posted a picture of him watching the game on his laptop which seemed to have a few scratches. A Pak journalist commented if Chopra’s TV set was broken. For context, Pakistanis are known to destroy their TV sets whenever their team loses a game against India. However, India is the team that is losing now. Aakash replied saying iPads and other devices are normally used in India. With this, it looked like Aakash took a jibe at Pakistan’s development, although he did not get too much sensitive about it.


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