3 batsmen to score most runs in ODI while batting at number 3 position

Ricky Ponting Kumar Sangakkara Virat Kohli

Behind every batsman’s best performance, his batting position in the team’s lineup has a big contribution. When a batsman’s batting order is not fixed, then it is very difficult for him to prepare himself according to different batting order.


If the batting position of any batsman is changed without testing his ability, then the chances of the team’s batting order faltering increases. Every batsman likes to bat in a stable position so that he does not have to change his batting technique again and again and can show his natural game.

By the way, the contribution of the batsmen batting at number 3 in the batting order of the team is also very important because sometimes the opening batsman gets out soon and after that the responsibility of the batsman batting at number 3 increases even more.


Talking about ODIs, the batsman batting at number 3 is the most important and due to the early wickets, there is a need to handle the team and sometimes score fast runs. Today we are going to mention in this article 3 such batsmen, who have scored the most runs in ODIs while batting at number 3 position.

Kumar Sangakkara

Former Sri Lankan captain and one of the best left-handed batsman Kumar Sangakkara has played many big innings while batting at number three for his country. Batting at number three, he has scored a total of 9747 runs in 238 innings. He scored 18 centuries and 66 half-centuries as part of that.

Virat Kohli

While batting at number three, Virat Kohli crossed the 10,000 runs mark in just 190 innings and is placed second in the list. Currently, Kohli has 10195 runs in 197 ODI innings at number 3. Virat Kohli is known for his fiery and aggressive batting but he is missing his best form of himself for what is now more than 2 years.


Ricky Ponting

Today’s young players make a lot of efforts to bring stability in their batting, but the consistency and patience that Australia’s Ricky Ponting had in his batting, he will hardly be seen in any other batsman in future. Batting at number three for the team, he played a record 330 innings and scored a mountain of 12662 runs, that also includes 29 centuries and 74 half-centuries.

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