2 times when an entire Playing XI won the Man of the Match award in an ODI match


In cricket, due to the collective effort of a team, the match is won but the player who gives the best in that also becomes special. There is equal competition in the match between bowler and batsman and many times the result of a match is seen after the battle between the two. This is the reason why a player who plays the best in the match is adjudged the man of the match.


However, there are instances when the entire team was awarded the man-of-the-match award in cricket. In fact it has happened only three times in the 142 year long history of international cricket. Once in Tests and twice in ODIs. Although this incident may be strange for those who hear about it, but it has happened when the entire team got the man of the match.

New Zealand vs West Indies – 1996

It was a low-scoring ODI match in which New Zealand beat West Indies by 4 runs. After the match, for the first time in International cricket, the entire team was given the Player of the Match as all the eleven players were selected for the award.


Craig Spearman had scored the highest 41 runs while batting for New Zealand and the total score of the team was 158 runs. In the bowling, whoever held the ball in hand, everyone got a wicket and the West Indies team was all out for 154 runs. After this all the eleven players were adjudged man of the match.

England vs Pakistan – 1996

The ODI match played between England and Pakistan was just only the 2nd instance when the entire team was awarded Man of the Match. The ODI match was played in September, 1996, the very same year as the first one.

Batting first, England scored 246 runs. In reply to which, Pakistan’s innings faltered but somehow reached victory point. With two balls to spare, Pakistan team won the match by scoring 247 runs and all the eleven players of the team were adjudged man of the match.


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