Watch: Batsman loses grip and gets run out in a bizzare way while finding the bat


There is an old and famous sporting saying that ‘cricket is a game of uncertainties’. This proverb usually proves true during many matches. Along with this, many such strange incidents are seen in cricket, which are not even thought of. One such unique video is going viral on social media, in which a batsman gets run out for some different reason.


In the video going viral, it can be seen that a batsman swings the bat vigorously to hit the ball. During this, the bat slips from his hand and falls behind the wicket. Meanwhile, the batsman tries to find the bat and carelessly starts walking towards the bat.

Meanwhile, the wicketkeeper hits the ball on the wickets with his skill. It can be seen in the video that when the ball hits the stumps, the batsman is out of the crease and thus the batsman is considered run out.


It is being claimed in social media that this video is from Pakistan’s National T20 League. The interesting thing is that the dismissed batsman does not even run for runs and gets run out only while searching for his bat. In such a situation, funny comments are being made in this video.

Cricket is a world famous sport, in which there are many ways to get out, catch out, bowled, leg before wicket, run out and stump are all the most common ways to get out. Apart from this, the batsman is also considered out through obstructing fielding, hit wicket and mankading in the field. However, the MCC, the law-making body of cricket, has now put Mankading in the category of run out.


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