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“Ash anna is the only person who can make the English cry forever” – Twitter reacts as Ravichandran Ashwin hints at more non-striker run out possibilities


Running out a batsman on the non-striker end has become a big controversial topic, especially with the reaction coming from the England team players after they have been the most victim of this.


Indian cricket team’s off-spin bowler Ravichandran Ashwin is quite famous doing the same. He made the headline when Ashwin decided to run out Buttler at the non-striker end during an IPL 2020 match, though they ended up being teammates next season.

Most recently, the England women’s team also had to face a run out at the non-striker end. Previously it was called as Mankading, but since MCC has decided the running out a batsman at the non-striker end is legal, it is considered as a run out.


Still though, players hesitate to run out a batsman at the non-striker end. But, just before India’s match against Zimbabwe tomorrow, Ravichandran Ashwin met the press and said there that if no one in interested in running out a batsman at the non-striker end, it is actually a advantage for him, signalling that he will not hesitate running out a batter at Non-Striker end if opportunity arises.

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