5 Indian origin players who have captained their national team

Indian origin

Cricket has grown impressively well in the last couple of decades and a major part of could down to fact that how cricket crazy the people of India is. India as a country has played a big role in the growth of the game.


The Indian cricket team today is one of the most strongest cricket. Today, with it now really hard to a place in the Indian team, many players opts to retire from Indian cricket and go on to play for other countries.

While there have a thing call origin too, where a player of a origin country represents another country during his International career.


Today in this article, we are gonna talk about those Indian origin players, who have roots to India, but have played for other countries. Infact, today we are gonna talk about 5 Indian origin players who have captained another country in International cricket.

Rohan Kanhai

Former West Indies cricketer Rohan Kanhai is one great Indian origin player who have represented another country and has even lead the team. The veteran has displayed his skills with the bat as he has scored more than 6000 runs in his Test career. He was the captain of the West Indies team during 1972 and 1974.

Ashish Bagai

Former Canada’s wicketkeeper batsman Ashish Bagai is another Indian origin player who played for other country and has even captained the team. He had a very long career for Canada and was the captain of the team between the year 2007 till 2013. He played a total of 62 ODI and 9 T20Is and scored 1964 and 284 runs respectively.


Aasif Karim

Kenya’s former left-arm spin bowler Aasif Karim, who had Indian descendent, is another of those player who played for another country and has captained the side. Karim was named the captain of the Kenya side in the year 1997 and captained the African side in 21 matches, including the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

Nasser Hussain

Former England international Nasser Hussain had a very good career with the England national team. Many knowns that Hussain has connections to India, having born in Chennai (formerly Madras). Nasser Hussain is one of the most successful England captain, having led the team in more than 40 Test and 50 ODIs in his career.

Hashim Amla

South Africa’s prolific opening batsman Hashim Amla is another player from the Indian origin who have played for other country and has captained the side. Amla hails from a Muslim family in India’s Gujarat state. Amla has been a very successful batsman for the African team and has captained the side a couple of times, but the most interesting of them all is that he has even captained South Africa against India as well.

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