3 most renowned Bilateral series and the champion’s Trophy

Bilateral series

Cricket is a sport in which there are tough matches between teams of two countries. The biggest trophy of this game is the World Cup, every team playing cricket does everything possible to win it. But apart from all this, the bilateral series between two countries also has a different importance in cricket. Because teams play more bilateral series than tournaments.


That’s why there is a lot of nose fighting in this. Since the beginning of cricket, there have been many such bilateral series, which both countries have resorted to every trick to win. When you talk about some of the biggest cricket rivalries, India vs Pakistan comes to everyone’s mind.

Today in this article, we take a look at 3 most renowned Bilateral series and Trophy presented to the winning team.


Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The Test series played between India and Australia is named Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Allan Border was a legend of Australia team, while Sunil Gavaskar was a great cricketer for India. Both have played very good cricket in their time and have also captained their respective teams in Test matches.

Whenever a Test series is concluded between India and Australia, both the legends are present at that time and give the trophy to the winning team from their hands. The first series of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy was played in 1996–1997, which India had hosted and won the series. A total of 4 matches are played as part of the series, but it is likely to be increased to 5.


Chappell–Hadlee Trophy

The Chappell–Hadlee Trophy is for the ODI series between Australia and New Zealand. The trophy is named after two famous cricket families from both the countries. Ian Chappell, Greg Chappell and Trevor Chappell have been legendary players of the Australian team, while Walter Hadley, and his 3 sons Barry Hadley, Dale Hadley and Richard Hadlee have been New Zealand’s legendary cricketers.

From 2004 to 2009, this series was held every year, under which 3 ODIs were played. The first series was a 1-1 draw. In the 2011 and 2015 World Cup also, the two league matches played between these two teams were played under the same name.

Ashes series

The oldest rival team in the history of cricket is Australia and England. The first Test match in cricket history was also played between these two teams. Whenever these two teams face-off in Test cricket, it is called the Ashes series. The team that wins the Ashes series is presented with a small trophy, consisting of charred ashes from the logs.

The Ashes series is a five-match series and both the teams host the coveted series once in a while. Over the years, the series has created a lot of excitement among the audience. The match between these two legendary teams in the Ashes series is quite thorny. It is the dream of every cricketer of both the countries to play for his team in the Ashes series. The first official Ashes series was played in 1882–83.

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