Why was RCB bowler Harshal Patel removed from bowling the last over vs CSK; Full Explained

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its high-intensity matches, and the 2023 season has been no different. The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings on April 17, 2023 was always set to be a high voltage match.


However, one of the biggest talking points of the game was the decision to remove Harshal Patel from bowling the final over of the match after he bowled 5 balls, however only 2 balls were legal.

Harshal Patel had been in excellent form in the tournament, picking up wickets at crucial moments and providing vital breakthroughs for his team. However, in the match against Chennai Super Kings, Patel had a rare off-day.


He bowled two waist-high full toss no-balls in the same over, which were called by the umpires. According to the rules of the game, a bowler cannot bowl further in the match if they bowl two or more waist-high no-balls in the same over. As a result, Harshal Patel was removed from the attack, and another bowler, in this case Glenn Maxwell, had to complete the remaining balls in.

The decision to remove Harshal Patel from the attack was a difficult one for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team management. Patel had been one of their best bowlers in the league, and his ability to take wickets in the death overs had been crucial to the team’s success. However, the umpires had no choice but to enforce the rules of the game, and Patel had to be removed from the attack.


Glenn Maxwell further gave 8 runs in the balls that he bowled and got the wicket of Ravindra Jadeja. However still, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) out 227 runs on the board.

While it was a tough call for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team management to remove Harshal Patel from the attack, it was the right decision in the end. The rules of the game are there for a reason, and they must be enforced to maintain the integrity of the sport. The IPL has always been a fiercely competitive tournament, and it is the decisions like these that make it all the more exciting for fans around the world.

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