Former India captain Virat Kohli wanted former Indian explosive batsman to be Indian team Head Coach before Ravi Shastri was named new Head Coach

Virat Kohli wanted to Virender Sehwag as India head coach before Ravi Shastri 2023

The Indian cricket team’s former captain Virat Kohli did not had a good relationship with Anil Kumble, the former Indian cricket team Head Coach, which is why he was relieved as the head coach of the team and Virat Kohli wanted a different coach and had one certain Indian player to take the role before eventually it was given to Ravi Shastri.


Probably almost all of the Indian cricket fraternity knows about Anil Kumble and his tenure as the Head Coach of the Indian cricket team. Kumble did not had a great run as the coach of the team and many players even didn’t wanted him as the Head Coach of the team, which led to Kumble being sacked from his position.

The major reason behind all the drama was between Virat Kohli and Kumble. There were some off the field tussle between the two individuals which led to Kumble being shown his way out. Later on, Ravi Shastri was appointed the head coach of the team, under whom Team India did well except for winning the World Cup.


But do you know, it was not Ravi Shastri whom the former India captain Virat Kohli had wanted, but it was actually former Indian explosive batsman Virender Sehwag whom Kohli wanted to be the next head coach of the Indian team after Anil Kumble.

In a recent interview with the News18 India, Sehwag revealed that was requested to be the Indian coach by Virat Kohli and then BCCI secretary Amitabh Choudhary. He sai he wouldn’t have applied for the position had Virat Kohli not requested him. After receiving request from the two above mentioned names, he applied for the post but it was eventually Ravi Shastri who was picked as the Head Coach of the team.

“I wouldn’t have applied if Virat Kohli and then BCCI secretary Amitabh Choudhary hadn’t approached me,” said Sehwag. He was also asked about not being able to captain the Indian team, to which he said, “I’m happy with what I achieved. Coming from a small family of farmers from Najafgarh I got the opportunity to play for India, got so much love and appreciation from fans and even if I would have captained Team India I would have gotten the same respect.”


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