2 reasons why cricketers might pick UAE T20 League over South Africa T20 League

UAE T20 League over South Africa T20 League.

At the moment, both the UAE T20 League and the Cricket South Africa (CSA) T20 League are set to happen at the start of next year. They have to take place before IPL starts at the end of March. Hence, it would not be a surprise if both leagues clash in the calendar. Therefore, players could have to pick between the two tournaments. In this article, we take a look at two reasons why cricketers might pick UAE T20 League over South Africa T20 League.


1) More opportunities

UAE T20 League is an international T20 League. The playing XI will need to contain a maximum of nine overseas players. This means that the overseas players are of prime importance to the league. There are more chances to actually play the game compared to the CSA League, which is a domestic event with only four foreigners allowed in the XI. With nine players in the XI, some top overseas stars could be attracted with captaincy opportunities, as well. Many players would get more options to audition for a bigger league like IPL, which is likely to follow soon after this tournament. These factors make the league very compelling for cricketers.

2) A likely better package is why UAE T20 League could be picked ahead of the South Africa T20 League

A better financial package is one of the reasons why cricketers might pick the UAE T20 League over the CSA League. The Emirates Cricket Board has already hinted about the pay packages for the cricketers. It is set to be above the likes of PSL and BBL. With an international T20 league, the selling market is higher. Money will come from wide quarters and the board is also willing to invest along with the owners. Since this aspect is an important one, most players will pick the UAE league. However, the Indian owners in both leagues will have a huge say in this.

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